Yan De Chemical Industrial co., Ltd


To ensure employee’s health, the EHS department has equipments itself with professional doctors and nurses and purchase medical instruments and ambulances to guarantee the capability of daily treatment and emergency rescue for the employees.
Besides providing free daily diagnosis and treatment service for all the employees, the company also visits employees at the scene to provide medical treatment on a regular basis and carries out pre-job occupational heath checkup for new employees according to the Law on control and prevention of occupational diseases. In 2006, the company vaccinated more than 860 people and created health files for each employee.
Environmental Protection
As a legal responsible enterprise, Yan DE chemical attaches great importance to environmental protection and has great regard for environmental protection of the factories’ site. Therefore, the company set up a special wastewater treatment station. All the factor effluent is discharged to the WWT for centralized treatment and reutilization or carried to the municipal drainage network. Finally, the effluent is discharged to river water purification plant for advanced treatment. The WWT is designed to treat 300 cubic meters of sewage each hour. The treated wastewater must meet the class-3 standard of the integrated wastewater discharge standard (GB8978-1996). COD of the treated wastewater of the company was lower than 30 mg/L (class-3standard is 500mg/L), meeting even the class-1 wastewater discharge standard. In 2010,Yan DE Chemical introduced the most advanced water treatment station from German water treatment company ,Passavant-Roediger, largely enhanced the reutilization of chemical waste water and reduced the emission to nature environment.
Fire safety is especially important for chemical enterprise. Yan DE chemical always sticks to the fire control guideline of “placing safety first, and combining prevention and elimination”. To improve employees’ fire control skills and ability to cope with fire accidents, the company invested more than 1 million RMB to build the first enterprise chemical fire control training ground in Fang Shan petrochemical industrial zone modeled after American fire rescue training schools and German facility security training program. The training ground is equipped with many kinds of chemical fire simulators to educate and train employees of the company。