Yan De Chemical Industrial co., Ltd


With the trustiness and support from Employees, Customers and related governmental organs, Yan DE chemical industrial Co., LTD has successfully ranked among “TOP 100 chemical manufacturing enterprises of China” and “TOP 100 foreign trade private company of da qing” . In this regards, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has offered sincere support and assistance for Yan DE’s development.
In order to be worthy of the customers’ trustiness, all of Yan DE people devote ourselves to day and nigh works to provide the highest level of quality and service. Yan DE, together with its customers, enhances its corporate value, drives regional economic development and actively participates in public welfare activities of China.
Let’s remember the maxim of Yan DE Chemical during the time of working together here, or when we create new career in the future
Honesty --- Confidence and trustiness is much difficult to be rebuilt than contract.
Enterprising --- top quality products are not only from Hi tech hardware, but most importantly from our deep spirit of chasing perfect.
Responsibility --- in the chemical industry we are taking the burden not only from the market, but more from the responsibility to our customer, our society, our environment, and the future of our children.